Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rafiki Village Kenya.

Their website explains it well. http://rafiki-foundation.org/
The Rafiki Foundation is a Christian organization whose goal is to help Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable children become godly contributors to their communities and the world. With nearly 2 million orphans in Kenya, God has chosen 80 children to be a part of this great plan.

I have been back for a couple weeks, and I have been trying to put into words just how amazing and life changing this trip has been. It is very hard to do that.

The national staff, ROS, directors, mini-missionaries, mamas, and everyone else who serves in the village were amazing. I couldn't have asked for more amazing people to be surrounded by everyday.

The children are incredible and their joy is so pure. They have little, but have been saved and now have a life with a future. We (missionaries) were there to teach art, play sports, paint, garden, and do whatever tasks were needed at the village. The school was transformed with new paint and now bright colors fill the classrooms. It looked amazing! A great way to start school.

I loved those children more than I thought possible, and their faces will never be erased from my mind. I love them very much and will be returning to see them again. It gives me hope that someday we may all find this joy and love each other as these children do.

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TAMMY said...


I am so glad to hear that you have returned safely home.

We have a missionary at the location in Kenya helping for two months. We would like to look it up on Google Earth or something so that we can keep the congregation, friends and family up-to-date on his mission and so that we can somewhat travel with him in his journey. Could you give us the latitude longitude or any other information that could be helpful. We would greatly appreciate it.

My email address is tarchuleta@bsmproperties.com

Thank you and God bless.
Tammy Archuleta